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Free-Flo Valves!
Our automatic stock tank water valve makes
all float-type valves obsolete

• Adjustable water level 4" to 20" above valve
• Mounts in sidewall of bottom of tank, out of reach of livestock
• Can be installed directly into Freeland drain flange
• No Float, rod or guard needed
• Approved non-siphoning
• Fits all tanks and troughs with 1/2" or less wall thickness
• Automatically maintains water level
• Full 1 year guarantee
• Protected from surface freezing
• Completely corrosion proof
• 16" water level adjusting knob
• Protected against damage by livestock
• Easily installed in new or existing system
•Hook-up 1/4" copper pipe, 1/2" metal pipe, garden hose or 1" PVC adapter fitting

The Freeland Free-Flo Air Vent accessory is no longer available

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